I'm going to code a story on Hopscotch, but I need some help!


I want to make a story but I don't know what it should be about. Here are some polls to fill out to help me. First three people to respond will be a main character!

  • People
  • Animals
  • Magical people


Votes are public.

Once this is filled out, I will figure out the plot line. You can post ideas below.


Can I have some more votes?


I think it should be magical people because..

P.S. First :>


Yay! You are first! Make up a character, any character! (Just not to crazy)


Me wanna be a doge :3
German Shepherd plz?


Sure! Anything else, name, gender, etc.


Um okay

Looks like mai profile pic

Very shy, smol but can get rlly mad (pls no anger me)

And I have uhh elemental powers I guess



Okay! I'm going to start writing it! Wait.. what's your name?




Name: Cookie :cookie:
Colors: da classic black-and-tan!
Age: 11 months, still a puppy
Gender: Female
Character: A cute, adorable gurl. Perfect for dog owners who wants a loyal canine fren. Looks extremely kawaii. But stranger dangers if you ever mess with her…


What kind of story? It sound cool!
third person


I don't know, but you can make a character!


Magical people. Are magical. And magic is friendshup.


I wanted animals... I'm offended!


I'm sorry, there probably will be animals to, just not from their perspective. StarryDream is going to be a dog.


You guys can make characters to! They just won't be main characters!


DiamondDragon... 2014 Hopscotcher FTW... give me a raccoon background at least. I would very much like that.


What do you mean????


I want to be somewhere in the story


Okay, I just need a description of the character. Could you choose a name and if want to be an animal, what animal?