Im going into a submarine!


PLEASE UNFLAG I need my badge!!


Let's get on topic....
sounds exciting tho!
Maybe code a project


That's really cool!:grinning: But, everything on the Forum has to be related.:confused: Try to make a submarine trail art or something to make it related!:grinning:


Wow, that sounds really exciting! I have never been on one before, but I really hope that I will someday. You should code a project about your experience!


Sounds like fun!

Does that picture include you or someone you know, though?


Yes that's my mom and me


Wow that sounds fun bug remember to keep topic HS related!!


Ok maybe u should blur u and ur mom out because ur not allowed to post pics of urself!


You might want to block the faces out


Sorry to flag but you're not allowed to show your face.
Edit: whoops sorry! BAS said it's not you... but still not related? Idk sorry.


You should cover all of their faces and put this topic onto a general topic.

Good for you though.


Have fun!
You look pretty, I mean. But isn't showing your face against the rules of Forum Internet Safety?


If you are by the desk...then how did you take that picture?! XD


Don't worry, it isn't her. It's a picture from Usa today :smiley:

But the topic still has to be related. Can you make a project about it?


- Maybe you could post this into your general topic? ( if you have one )
- Try to keep things related to Hopscotch
Maybe recycle?
But awesome!


Omg a like from @t1_hopscotch!