I'm giving myself a mission



So, I am going to set myself up on a mission to improve. I want to be kinder, more responsible, etc. I need you guys to help me, by giving me friendly reminders and helpful advice! I want to do good things for the world. :D


I am going to practice smiling a LOT during school, and always trying to stay positive, even when things get tough! I know positivity spreads, and I hope to spread it while I am here. :D


Ok, I admit it. I have had a few problems with lying in the past. But this is about the present. Those days are over, I still feel guilty. I promise, I have never lied on the forum. Ever. I am going to always be honest, which will help me with responsibility.


I'm not very good at being generous. I mean, I always lend a pencil when people ask, but when my brother asks for a piece of gum, I always say no. I want to work hard on being generous, and not being selfish. This is one of my key ones, as I am not very good at this.


I want to think more about others, not just myself. I usually talk about myself, and I often feel guilty for it. My hope is to focus on you guys. You guys are more important than me in my eyes, and I would love to get to know you guys better. This is also connected to generosity, so I will work on the two at the same time.


This is one of the ones I'm better at. I automatically say kind things and try to make other people feel better. I still want to work on this, and be kind to everybody. Even my annoying AMAZING brother.


I want to make you guys feel better. I want to help you guys as much as I can, and be a shoulder to lean on for the forum. I try my best to give good advice and help out when people have problems, but I still feel I could improve.

Thanks, if you read this far. It was probably pretty boring, I just wanted to tell you guys in advance. If you have any criticism, please tell me! And I will welcome friendly reminders anytime! :smile:


First reply!


Lemme give you a few pointers:

I think dat you ARE really positive! BTW when I am facing tough situations, I become tougher than usual. Sometimes I get stressed out and collapse. But I just kept trip over then climb up.

I am I quite straightforward person. People will appreciate your no-nonsense and honestly.

Wut I am going to say here: Love other people but love yourself too. Believe it or not, loving yourself can actually help you love other people!


Thank you so much for the tips! :smile:


You're welcolm fren!
I learned a lot from mai experiences living on da Earth fir 11 years


the nERVE >:00

in all seriousness i love that you're setting goals for yourself to consciously become a better person, i think it's really admirable!!

don't forget that the supportiveness goes both ways!! there's always someone up way later than they should be if there's something bothering you c:


Here's a like! <3
And cool! :smile:



Thanks! I have been kind of disappointed with myself the past few years, I need this, XD

Very true! I learned that yesterday, when I was having a rough time and being sensitive. Even though it was like midnight, you guys helped me out, and I feel so much better! :smile:


So have I. ;-; But, the past is teh pastrys! :D


You are veree positive fren!
I feel gud
Deez goals r veree gud an dey make me happee =D
I really like that you're making these goals for yourself! I should probably work on these things, too!


Thank you so much! :blush:


reed da edeet pleez


You're already amazing at those things! That's another reason why you are super amazing. :smile:


comes back to life
dies again


It's true! :smile:
And now I have 2 frenpais dying, you and Smishy, XD


i iz a zombie now
What does that mean?


I don't think that's possible :0




Yes, yes it is. It is very much possible. XD


How can I help this mission? >:3