I'm getting tired of someone's many accounts and other "new" accounts- a rant. :P



Okay. So maybe if you've looked around Hopscotch you've seen a certain artist. Recently, a bunch of accounts have started popping up that have very similar art styles...

I apologize for being nosy about this, but I'm not the only one kind of upset that she keeps making a bunch of accounts (supposedly). On most of them they claim to be new, and then a bunch of people point out that they probably aren't.

I guess it's not really a problem. But apparently, she's started making hate accounts and receiving hate herself, which is a problem. No one should deserve that.

Not to mention other people who have claimed to be new but then later reveal that they had an old account. It just gets annoying, and we can tell when you're lying. I can name a few people who really hate it when this happens.

Do you agree?

  • I agree, this is annoying. -.-
  • I don't agree, you have no right to say those things about people! T.T
  • I don't agree, but I see your point.
  • I agree, but it's not that big of a problem.
  • Other view (explain?)
  • I just came here for da potatoezz!! >:D


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Sorry, this just gets on my nerves. Peace out people :D
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It's annoying, but all we can really do is ignore it. It's not our problem if someone wants to pretend to be new.


I also find it annoying. I think they once said they do it because of "h8ters" but the haters will probably stop if she sticks to one account.


Don't fogot the time when my drawing looked alike from PotatoLover's art. That was a big thing. Honestly I bet there is more people who still think that we are the same person.


A cough, cough,

katronus (she's good though)

-bluepanda- too

I agree, it's hogging up trending

Also, if the person wants people to appreciate their art, stick on one account. Then we all don't get confused by whose drawing what

shadow art?

I saw someone going all out hating on shadow art not too long ago... They had a project saying that shadow art was the worst Hopscotcher ever, and their art was terrible. And something else that I probably shouldn't say on the forum. And then they had "Like if you agree!"

And yeah, I agree :0


It's pretty annoying. She even created a h.ate account for me, because I told her it was a little annoying. She got rid of the account now, but shes still here


Yeah, some of it was really ugly. (I had to report someone yesterday for hating in her...)

She isn't really my favorite hopscotcher... (she basically blackmailed me before) but sometimes it can be harsh. I can understand why she might use more than one account but seriously, that's at least six that could potentially be her.


She created a hate account?


that's kind of... ._.


I agree that their are too many duplicate accounts sometimes, but some people do have the same art style.


I know et is, but... yeh.
Et is -_-


Yeah, we can't just blindly acccuse someone for this.


True. If this were my topic, I would not point out specific people. Some people see others' art and use that style.


But they are linked somehow.


I know. But I haven't seen anyone else that uses her particular style or something like it. I'm not accusing her of having all of these accounts. I don't know if all of them are her, but it's a bit... silly not to point this out. If I didn't mention names, someone would've have noticed anyway.


I really find this annoying, but what's really upsetting is that the community keeps giving them attention -.-


I know, it's also like that on the forum


Does it really matter whether someone is new or not? We should be supportive of everyone!


Yeah, @Artistic_cat. I agree with you. I remember seeing a 'Hi, I'm New' project on trending with a bunch of likes and remixes that were welcoming them when they're actually people that have been here since, like, the start of 2015!!


I know XP