I'm getting the team back together!



I’d like to get the ScotchHop team back together. I’m a member, and we haven’t done anything in a while.


Weren’t they liked hacked and that’s why it split up?


I need to get them to get back together for a bigger issue. An issue named ihaveexpectations. He wants my password. Wants to spread the lie that I’m not a person. I’m not gonna let that happen.


Yes but what will they do about it. You don’t have to give xse/ihaveexpectations your password. Don’t give in to it. You’re unique and sometimes others just don’t understand and want to hate you for your differences. Also who would even believe you aren’t a person. Unless you’re secretly a robot planning on destroying Earth. Then I’m fine with that.


I’d like to spread the word about this issue through Hopscotch itself. He can make alternate accounts, so leaders can’t permanently get rid of him. In fact, he’s got five at his disposal.


I can help you out with that. (grabs her card of accounts and their passwords) lets see here… we’ll start off on my regular original account.

Wait is it happening on Hopscotch itself too?


No. I’d just like to spread the word using Hopscotch.


This is a full list of members.



Ok I help u out a bit Fearless and Hito aren’t on anymore


Hey, can I be part of the team?
I have a scratch account, and would like to help all of you.


No. You can’t. You’re the problem. Stop following me.


Why not?
I would like to join, and I believe I could be a great help in this team.


You are the problem. You are the one who I’m aiming to stop. You’re an enemy. We don’t let enemies into the group.


Hey, I thought we were friends.


Okay, so this in in the lounge because of the flame war that possibly could start, I see. But @Healeybot1 is a member. Will this still be the ScotchHop team topic then?


I think there is a thing called an IP ban that makes it much more difficult, if not impossible, to create new accounts. I don’t know all the tech logistics, but I think it would be the most effective option of banning someone from the forum.

EDIT: after doing research, if an account, its email, and its IP address are banned, it is virtually impossible for the person to get back on that server. And no, restarting the router will not reset the IP ban or create a new address. Please don’t pay attention to the human’s blatant bluffing, or anything else, for that matter.

As for the human in question, he is clearly seeking attention. Perhaps the threat would be less prominent if one were to not-respond to his posts and live life as if he doesn’t exist, whilst flagging anything that is offensive so the Hopscotch Team actually gets a look at it.

Feel free to immediately re-lounge the topic after Healeybot sees the post.


I can just change my IP by restarting my router, you know.


He’s trying to troll us. If we keep on fighting back and making topics like these, he’ll get what we wants.

I’m such a hypocrite I didn’t even do this but still


No god please no…no…no…


What is this ‘team’? What is the matter with it?