I'm getting depressed again


Ya, the title says it all. This time is because of school. We had parent teacher conference today, and I really wanted to be in 6th grade math. But one of my best friends knows the same amount of math as I do, and they let her in. I think it's because she's the teachers pet. When I came back from being sick, this is what one of my teachers said: "Oh, welcome back." :neutral_face:. This was that same teacher said when my one of my bests friends came back: (the one that I said before) "Oh welcome back! We missed you SOOO much!" :smiley:.

I will be one though. But Downright Dreamers got a brake until I feel better. W.N.L. Club Leaders+, @Ella_13, @KawaiiRose, and @Sweetlina, plz don't make activity s until I feel better. Thanks.


I may have forgot to put some people in, sorry

People that need to see this



Hope your get better soon and go to the grade 6th math!


Umm......this kind of happens but it's 4 a short time
For the fact that u guys do the same amount of math u'll get there soon.
These happened to me, I'm a new immigrant here and as a result of my age, I was put in 6th grade whereby in my former school, I was an eighth grader. But right now, though I am a sixth grader, I take 7th and 8th grade(mostly) classes. Then i might skip 7 or 8 grade. God knows
But U will finally be in sixth grade math


Oh no fren!

I am also depressed.

Is there anything I can do to help??



no, unless if you could convinse my teacher


I hope you feel better!

I won't make activities I promise!


Hope you get better! :D
(Me gonna waaaaaaaaaaaait until I get W.N.L Leader)


I hope you feel better! The W.N.L club is really fun and I love the activities! :D


That stinks. Maybe learn 6th grade math yourself on your own. There's always Khan Academy, and you can get math books. Also, you should try doing really really well and proving yourself even more on the math you're stuck doing now.


Thanks for the advise @codingCupcake123 I have the Khan Academy app BTW.


I'm better now!



I am very happy!


This title triggered me.
So I clicked it.
Come back saying your depressed when you go through what I did today.
I have terrible, long going depression. I started randomly crying in two classes today. I was locked out of my apartment and was having to stay outside in the cold Wisconsin weather. When I got inside I was on my iPad and it froze. The TV couldn't turn on. The phone did'nt work. I was hopelessly alone. My whole life turned upside down, I couldn't even do homework. I started crying on the kitchen floor with my pillow, and stayed and cried for one hour. Then I went to take walk, and I forgot my key. I was locked outside again. I cried in front of one of my neighbors to let me in. Then when my mom got home two hours later, I went to talk to my 12th grade sister, who also has crippling depression. So we cried together.
And then I came home and my iPad fixed.
But I'm still crying.

But I have lots of experiences with teachers that favor people.
That was my 5th grade teacher.
I disliked her extremely much.
That sentence did not make sense.
I feel you.

Sweetlina Period 5- ART

I also listened to depressing Japanese music.


Some of the teachers I had were…well…racist

They just favor the kids that they like and act passive-aggressive to the kids they dislike ;-;


Well, be honest with your teacher. Yeah, I know how that feels. Like someone treats everyone nice while they don't treat you with the respect one needs. Tell your teacher, "I feel a little bit uncomfortable on how you treat everyone else verses me. I know a lot about 6th grade math, but you didn't let me in. Is because I'm not the teacher's pet? I try my best. Are you not feeling me? Am I doing something wrong?"
Hopefully she won't snap at you how you said "teacher pet." If she does, tell your mom, "The teacher is mean," and then your mom will send an email on what is wrong and get mad at the teacher. B-U-S-T-E-D. LOL :laughing:


You're not depressed you can't just get off of being depressed and get back on because I am like half depressed but I still have good times and it's more than school girl you're just sad


Did this only happen today? If so you're just sad you're not depressed. Stop says you guys are depressed because I have tried to die before and now I regret it but you only do that if you're depressed


No I attempted su.iside yesterday.

Its frequent.
Edit: I cut myself.