I'm forever alone... I NEED A CODING PARTNER (found)


Hey I'm bored and I need a coding partner for a lot of reasons
-Working on a huge projects
-Make it so that we have our mini collab so we don't have to join so many
- Won't ditch me for no reason
-I'll have a person I could depend on who also could depend on me

Reply if you want to and I'll pick one that wants to be my partner


I would like to be your coding partner on my backup account I'm working on a starwars kinda movie


I could do it if you want me too


Can I be your coding partner?


@Sugarisyummy sure :smiley: I'll choose you as my partner you :smiley: Sorry for anyone who wanted to be my partner.
@moderators please close this topic I found my point it's this topic


Thanks @Razor I will ask @BuildASnowman @Follow4LikesOfficial to close it to help


I would really like a coding partner plz plz plz


I don't see why this needs to be closed. Is it off topic? Spam? Inappropriate? Doesn't seem like it to me


It doesn't have a purpose anymore @Razor wants to close it


Ok.. I going to ask a question to @razor would you like to transform this topic into talking about what we are going to do or something,make another one,dont have one at all


I guess I'll transform it


Yeah I would have done that