I'm feeling down



Hi everyone. Before I say I might leave hopscotch for a while, I just wanted to tell you guys some things...

I loved my time on hopscotch and the forum. Everything will be fine without me, (for a while) because you are all so inspiring and helpful. I will be leaving hopscotch for a while, not forever. D Maybe a year or so...

I was at my cousin's house today and my cousin was really loud. So, this man came up from his patio and yelled "Please, it's late" in a very cold way. So, on the car trip back to my house I was thinking about that man. He was a bit rude, though I agree that my cousin was really loud. So, now I have decided that I will leave hopscotch for a while, and I'll totally come back when I'm felling better. Just, I'll be fine. I might come back tomorrow maybe. I'm not really like someone who is known very well, unlike @Madi_Hopscotch_ so I believe nobody will care if I left. I want to let all of you know that I will miss you, and just remember that this isn't that sad. I just- want a rest. I don't want to think about that man again, so I will ignore this. And at last this will be the last post before my rest. Goodbye, Hopscotch.


I don't know if you will see this, but have a nice rest, as you put it. Can't wait to see you back! I hope it makes you feel better


What does the man and your cousin have to do with leaving?



Wait what? Your sad because your cousin got yelled at but you agree the man is right to do so?


I hope you are feeling better soon! I will miss you! Hopscotch will be so much different without you...


Ok, see you.
I hope you feel better soon!


Bye ;-;
We'll miss you! Hope you come back soon!


Hey guys!!! I'm done with my rest! It took one day when I started to feel better, but I still wanted to take a break.