I'm feeling better! (I was sick)!



I was sick for the past few days, but I'm feeling better! I got really bad stomach pains, I had to get a Ultrasound, I needed assistance to get up from chairs, and I walked with my back hunched! I'm going to start being on more often!


It was my birthday on Wednesday! I was too sick to celebrate tho, but my family gave me gifts!


I'm going to be a regular soon! I'll probably earn the badge tomorrow!


I'm glad your better! And I am waiting for you in the lounge. :smile:


Yay! :D

I'm glad you're feeling better, and happy late birthday! :D


What's the lounge? How do I get in??


You need the Regular badge.


It is a place for trust level 3 and higher. You get it by getting regular. :smile:


Once you get regular, the lounge is a place wear @trust_level_2+ can post topics without members or basics seeing it.


Happy late birthday! I'm happy you are feeling better :D


Happy late birthday glad you are feeling better also getting regular is a late Birthday present!


Glad your better! :D Happy Birthday! Me and @Dude73 will be waiting in the lounge! :smile:

I'm still sick :thermometer_face:


Glad your feeling better!


I am sorry! And I will be waiting as well!


Yay! Congrats on almost being a regular! ;D

And happy early birthday!


Happy Birthday! Happy New-Regular-Coming-Soon-Day! What is an Ultrasound? And too bad you were sick for your birthday.


Its when somebody rubs this special gel on your belly and scans it with this tool, sorta like an X-ray.


Hey! I'm glad your better and I'm also very close to regular! I hope I get it today or tomorrow


That's great that your feeling better! We're are waiting here for you in the lounge!