I'm fed up with a lot of stuff, so I am half-quitting. ALSO, NEED A LOT OF MODEL FEET HELP



I'm fed up with a lot stuff.

Bad Leadership.
Well, someone kicked me out of her club when I was close to quitting, but had not chosen to quit yet.

The boy gets most of the attention, while I don't. How come it seems like the younger one always has the least amount of attention?

So much activities, we have a pool, two vacations…We won't have a lot of time.

The New Update.
I can't finish my Summer Contest entry, I don't know how to code with this laggy editor.

Coder's Block.
I have had it for a few months now, I don't have any ideas, and the nuke won't help.

Also, any ideas for how to do feet without using trail art easily on a model? With blue slippers?

@IShallNotBeNamed, any ideas? You are good with models.
Any other model stars?
I will give you credit.


Who kicked you out? Just give the post. :slight_smile:
I know you would rather not talk about it. Girl 13 feet and counting away from me.

First reply!


Maybe not name specific examples. It's just asking for a flame war.


Like I said before, the first one isn't true. You did drop out. Let's try to always tell the truth so rumors don't fly.:slight_smile:

I don't think you're ignored intentionally. Nobody pays special attention to the boy. We don't even know wihch one of you is on most of the time. I also didn't even know you were younger.

Have fun on summer break! See ya later!


I am just trying to be as nice as possible. :D


The boy gets all the attention?

That's bogus! You guys get the same amount of attention on the Forum.

The younger one gets less attention?

I didn't even know who was younger! I gave you and the boy the equal amount of attention.

Don't let attention factor into if you quit. The other reasons I can see why, but I don't want to talk about the first one because it may turn into a flame war, andI don't want that to factor into another reason why you quit.

I think you are both great at what you do, you are both very nice, and you both should be proud of yourself for that, because you both helped the Forum community, to make it what it is today. : D


Well, it seems like boys are always favored more.

Who wins one of a few first place ribbons in the science fair? The boy.

Who wins a third place ribbon that year? The girl.

I had a unique experiment, only girl from the grade, and all the other boys had the same experiment! Totally doesn't make sense.


They're really not.

also girls are favored more in a lot of things ;]


Being a girl, I can see your point.

But don't let the popularity and attention factor into why you quit.


I know, just it is hard when you feel like you're in the shadows of someone older than you.



Talk to my sister.

She can help you. XD


What is your sister's username?



She is only on Hopscotch.

She hasn't published anything.

I don't think she likes Hopscotch with the update.


Doughnt leev u just nead moar kool stuf


Boys don't (or at least shouldn't) get any more attention…

I certainly don't ignore you. But please clear something up. Is the boy usually on the MS acc and the girl on as tankt? Because that's how I keep track of this but the boy seems to also go on the tankt acc and vice versa so I'm confused....

And I'm rubbish at trail art soz @tankt2016 :confused:



The boy is only using @MiracleShoutouts form now on!


Okay thanks for clearing that up :smiley:

Also @tankt2016 don't leave Cyber Freund!


You sound so British lol
Rubbish = British term
I think


Well it is lol. "Take out the ____" would be the American equivalent I think…

And I am British…


That is because he is British!