Im featuring Hopscotch games in my YouTube videos!



Type your games down and I'll use them in my vids

Matter on youtube

Awesome! I edited your title to make it easier to understand :wink:


Can you try Air Hockey


Zapping this topic! :smile:


I have an influence on EP…


try @tankt2016's game the impossible quiz its really easynot really


Yep! :smiley:


Thank you!!!!!

not true though


Yes it is! You are my top inspiration!


Again: THANK YOU SO TO THE MUCH! La blush!


No problem! It's true!


Gosh! Thank you sooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Edit. @Liza didn't even say anything before the closure… or after so does she agree? :confused:


Thank you!

I like @BB-Box's Moon Jump, it's very creative and hard to beat!


This is awesome! Where can we find them?

Matter on youtube

I Was Wondering The Same Thing, Where Can You Find These Videos?


Wait what?

@Kiwicute2016 said sharing hopsoctch channels weren't allowed I shared my hopscotch one but apparently it wasn't allowed.

May you please exsplain?


But @Kiwicute2016 it's not a fourm of communication what so ever If you turn comments off.


I believe you said communication outside the forums were not permitted. Allowing people to share their youtube account would prohibit that. Therefore, topics like these should be closed.

Matter on youtube