I'm done. -Natalia~


Hey guys. I know you all...hate me, and I'm a horrible artist and a terrible coder and overall just a useless good-for-nothing, so I'm doing you guys a favor and leave. Your welcome.

-Natalia on HS


Wait! Hold on a moment!

None of us hate you. None of us want you to go, just know that.

You're and awesome artist! Maybe you think you aren't, but you are. Plus, practice makes perfect!


I don't think anyone hates you, but I'm sorry you feel that way. Is there anything I can do to help? :)


You haven't seen my art...you haven't seen my coding...if you did you would feel the same way...


I actually have! :) Check your activity, I just liked a bunch of your projects. Like Dudey said, practice makes perfect(or at least better. :) Maybe try to code and draw more instead of RPing? Then you'll get better! :D


They say practice makes perfect, but it's the opposite for me. Every single time I try to draw something decent, or code a random video game, I get WORSE at it. Not even joking, this happens to me. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. (Sorry for caps)


Maybe try starting small. Code something from a video, or draw something simple, like a tree. Keep working on it, and you'll definitely get better! :D


Now that I've read that, I might stay. Thanks, ruby stars. :slight_smile:




No problem. :slight_smile:
I'll keep an eye out for you on Hopscotch. I know you'll get even better! :D


Ok, I can't stress this enough! Perfect doesn't equal perfect! Nobody is perfect! Everyone has thier flaws!!!! Never say that! Stop thinking perfect is that perfect is the best. Good is awesome too!


I will too :D (look at her projects)


Why would you even get that idea? XD


Nobody hates you.

Your art is great.

You're great at coding.


Only leave if you dont actually like HS, not becuase you arent popular. Ive never been popular, and im not gonna leave HS any time soon.
my point being: please dont leave!!! :sob: