I'm doing it. The impossible. Wish me luck. On project 3!


I'm doing the impossible! @Rawrbear I am making every idea in the idea nuke. Wish me luck! Also this means I am putting behind other projects I've been working on but that's ok! Again, wish me luck!

Credit to @Poptart0219 @Huggingfluffybear and @Dude73 for all the ideas


Good luck! That's gonna be hard! But you can do it! :smiley:


If this is the end, goodbye


Just for reference.... First up is... Rainforest music. Interesting.


Hold on. A ton of those are mine. Please say which one you are doing before you do it so I make sure it's okay with me. I took some off because I was doing them :wink:


Umm Rawrbear's... Is it ok?


He just combined lists. None of that I am aware of are his ideas.

You can do the ones until I say skip :wink: I'm pretty sure you're safe, but just in case :slight_smile:


May you please give credit becuase a lot of people put ideas in there including me! And I will do this also well some of them!


Ok! I did that.


Thank you for giving credit. I made part of that list, so thank you! :smile:


I made number 1! link to forest music!


Next up is my pet bird... I'll be back!


Good luck!! I know you can do it!! You're an amazing coder, so why not?


Thank you for the compliment! And the follow! :thumbsup:🏻


Can you post the updated list? I could update the nuke! :slight_smile:


@Bubbles4Ever929 your pet bird simulator glitched. I really liked it before it glitched. Do you think you could fix it?


It's not a glitch. It's supposed to be like that. Did it turn black? If that's the problem than that's no glitch! It's supposed to be like that... Here's the link BTW link


Next.... Hotel manager! Interesting... I guess that could happen. I'll do that then.


Ok. Get it now. Hotel Manager will be interesting. Can't wait!!


Can I do this too? I think it sounds fun! :smile: