I'm doing backround request! Please read v



Hello! Yes, I'm aware other people have done this but I would like to do it myself, I just got back from along time from bullyin.g on here. I don't want go thru that again.

Request form.
1. Theme:
2: 2 colors.
3: pictures
4: anything else?

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Wait...you have the subscription? How is it?

I'd give you one, but first lemme grab a bunch of images...


It's fine if you can't do all of this, I'm trying to do something that I can only do with images in HS, so if you do the BG without the pics it's fine, I just need the pics in the app for something...


@EmojiArts this is lovely!! :smile:

@FearlessPhoenix wow, it just made me think it would be interesting thinking about doing fire with trail art in Hopscotch :open_mouth::thinking:


Cool! If you do the trail art, can you tag me when it's done? I'd love to see it!


Haha it would be awesome, I just don't really have any ideas on getting started for it but it would be pretty interesting :thinking:


I had just put this in #collabs-requests-competitions since the category is for requests too :smiley: