I'm different. Your different. He's different. She's different. WE ALL ARE DIFFERENT


Please don't hate on me. I won't to you and vis versa but please except me. And her. And him. Evryone


Yes. We all are. @sparkczy how did you find out you're bi? I think I'm either hetero or pan.


See my topic. People don't care about grammar. I do. That's 1 difference


I care A LOT about small dusts and grammar. That's just the beginning.


Yeah then there's the prefectenest


Yes! It's like a Christian song we hear when we are little: :notes: Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world. Red and yellow, black and white; they are precious in his sight, Jesus loves the little children of the world!":notes: We are all different but Jesus still loves us! And if anyone hates you because of something stupid, they have a serious issue.


Please don't talk like that


Like what??


You know you are bi if you are interested in girls or guys, depending on gender :) It comes naturally, so you will feel the way you do when your body tells you :wink:

Don't force it. If you need help finding your sexuality, whoever it was, just ask us :wink:


Well.. Last year, I realized I had a huge crush on my best friend. However, I also... I guess I just stopped caring about gender? Like... No. I just thought "I'm in love with my best friend." (Who was a girl) and was like. "But I also like boys." And bam. I was a fabulous bisexual human being.

Sometimes it's confusing. Like, bi or pan? And I guess I'm probably more pan. But I dunno. :yum:


Your all Christian this and Jesus that


Why? It was on-topic.


Yeah, you kinda are, don't talk please don't talk about religions so much anymore.


Maybe you can edit your post to sound more polite? We don't want flame wars and closed topics!


For me, all the guys except for a couple annoy me, so I kept thinking "Oh, she's cute XD" just randomly. And there's is a ton of females at my school that are way nicer, so yeah. That happened XD


Wait, are you LGBT? What did I miss?!?!?!


Yep, you just stated a true fact.


I'm probably pansexual because of personal reasons like "She is cute. She'd never be my friend. She's snobby though." Or "He may be transgender which is okay but he is very nice." Stuff like that.


I am bi
So I am LGBT+


,.., why this topic?