Im curious (project poll)



Helllllo, I'm AvocadoDon't, you may or may not have seen my projects before, but if you have, (specifically the Emoji Simulater V.5.5, or my interactive room games, or something) I'm making a poll because, I usually just make a project when ever I feel like it, and it is whatever I want it to be, but I'm wondering, is there any specific projects you want to see from me?

What do you want me to make?

  • more Emoji Simulater!
  • more interactive games!
  • more random stuff!
  • I dunno, make whatever you feel like :blush:
  • stop making projects they're bad
  • I don't even know who you are
  • other (please specify)


This is a really random post but if you do vote, thank you! For your input!! :relaxed::relaxed::relaxed:


Maybe you could take up writing?


@Stampys_fans I'm working on writing stuff, but I wasn't really thinking of putting it on Hopscotch


Ok so I can't add stuff to the poll so:

  • more art stuff!!
  • try something you haven't done yet!


if you want vote on both but I don't see why?


lol the biggest vote is "I dunno, make whatever you feel like :relaxed:" everyone is so considerate :smile:


Ok seriously? Who voted "stop making projects they're bad" that was a joke :neutral_face:, does no one understand sarcasm here? Lol