​​​​​​​​​​​​​I'm confused...​


So uhh I went on HS and I was logged out all of a sudden and when I try to log back in it takes me back to the welcome screen and uhh I’m confused



The same thing happened to me ;-;


It looks like this bug is happening fairly often, try looking at your WiFi. If that doesn’t work, maybe email THT?


This seems to be a pretty common issue unfortunately (at least it has been happening to more people than you). I saw a topic about this earlier on the forum and I think that it was by @Cocoa_Viola that managed to fix this.


Click get started. Then it works. It’s confusing, but that’s how it is.


Thats exactly what happened to me, instead just go to the sign up one, you’ll get back into ur account.


yeah that happened to meh too :0 :ppp


Lol I like how you kinda didnt really overreact i went all crazy :joy:


I did as well. I was in science.

I clicked get started and I went in.


Yes, that was me. The simplest thing to do is just press “Get Started”.


Happened to me.

Tap get started


THE same things happening to me

You have to press get started D:/