I'm Confused... Can Someone Help?



People say that you get the "member" when you visit the forum at least 15 days... But I got member on my (about) 5th day here! Now I have visited 12 days (sequentially), and have 24hrs (1 day) reading time. So, what happened? Why do I have the "member" badge?


The same happened to me. I was wondering why.


First like and reply! I have no clue maybe they just liked you???


I don't have a clue either... maybe you're right...idk...


This happened to me too! On my 2nd day I got member


same with me! idk how it happened, but i like that it happened!


Discourse might've updated the requirements so more people have access to all the features ;)
I don't know for sure, though!
This happened to regular, so it might've happened to member as well!


There's a possibility Liza changed it (so there's no time requirements), but I'm not sure.


Said it 1 sec before you! :D


Me too! So weird!!!!


Yeah, that is probably why. Thx for the info @Snoopy and @Intellection74. XD


I got it on my second day....