I'm Changing my Profile Picture!


After having a pink domo picture for ages, I've finally decided to change it to a penguin. I love penguins so much, which is why I changed it to this guy:

It's not drawn by me, I found it on the internet.
If any of you want the old pink domo picture, here it is:

I might decide to change it back, but for now I'll keep this little guy. I just wanted to let you guys know!



I saw it change. :scream:
wait why am I so exited...


Probably because I've had Domo for over a century...




Argh, it's off center. Can anyone fix that? I'll make a new topic for that.


What's a Domo?

Cool! You changed it!


This is Domo. I have a pink Domo. Domo says hi.


Cool! Now when I see a penguin I'll know its you