Im calling the hopscotch team!


Liza emailed me and asked if we could set up a call to talk about hopscotch!

I'm so excited. I think everyone subscribed got this email.

For calling them, they are going to give me a free tee shirt!

I'm going to suggest that we can add our own sound. What do you think?

If you have anything that you would like me to suggest to them, tell me!


Cool! :D




Tell them that they should make hopscotch sweaters :00


I got that email too :smiley:
I was thinking:
You know how there is a "set text" block?
It would be so awesome if there was a "set picture" block!


Tell them to add a Set Character block, private messages, Android Hopscotch, online Hopscotch, and a way to prepay for some number of pictures without subscribing. Also, they should add more items to the store.


Yeah, that's a burning idea I have!


Which one?


The one mentioned in the first post


The custom sounds?




Do you like these ideas?


All of them!
I'd also like for you to be able to pay for certain features!


I asked for pay-per-feature and Liza refused.




Because they "won't get enough money from it".


Or they could have 2 subscriptions


What do you mean by 2 subscriptions?


What's their number


I don't know, I haven't called them yet. Even after I call them, I won't leak there number. They are emailing people with a subscription to talk.