I'm bored! What should do?



Hey everyone, I just wanted to ask, what can I do on Hopscotch OR the forum? Recently, nobody had a response to my topics and I don't know what to do on Hopscotch. So, I can do a club, a game, anything! But right now I'm just really, really bored. Thanks for the feedback!


Maybe you can start a club of your own?
Like a coding club, art club, etc.
If else, try starting to work on a really detailed project!
Here's a link for ideas: http://forum.gethopscotch.com/t/ideas-for-your-projects/43


Okay @Himynameismeredith1! Your username is long!


Yea. Idk why I chose dis name ;-;


I have no idea but if you just wanna talk then the topic called "Imagination is cool, so use it here!" is your best bet.