I'm boered, want to make a website?


Anyone want to make a website? Cause I'm bored


Sure! What do you want it to be about? You, me, both? We could make it to promote a game your making or have made. Ask me if you would like me to send some pictures of the website drafts.


Is this website made in hopscotch or on the web? Because this forum if about hopscotch only.


To Hitch3-
What game?


We could make a website about what games are actually worth liking?(both of our opinions).


On hopscotch.
Oh,and im alredy making a website with Hitch3.Sorry!:wink:


Sure, that's a pretty good idea and, if you want, we could put up our favorite game we have made so far. Mine would be my random generated world. What's yours?