Im Back, Without Regular :(


Im Back Guys! But Sadly With No Regalaur. :frowning: Somebody Please Get It Back For Me? Thx


Ask the mods! :3
teh taaaags :000


Welcome back! :D

Unfortunately your going to have to earn regular back I think :\
But ask a mod jus tin case :D


But I See Some People Get Regalar Right Away :confused:


Like who?


Wut? :P
Where are you seeing that?


Shrugs Shoulders @20 Characters XI


Welcome back! :D

Unfortunately, you're probably going to have to earn back Regular, but you can ask the moderators just in case. :D

Could you give an example of someone who earned regular right away? :)


I don't see anyone getting regular right away. Some alt accounts of leaders and mods are promoted to Reg or leader when they join tho :D

But not any regular users :\


You don't have to use twenty charectars! Just do < —whateveryouwant— > without the "—"'s, and it'll make those words invisible! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ


I came back from 2 whole months and I'm still with regular... I swear I don't even poke in here before every 4 weeks...


Welcome back!
Try reading more to gain Regular again!