I'm back...with complaints



I’m back since my last visit on October 26! But, it’s only because Hopscotch is DRIVING ME CRAZY. Here’s what’s been going wrong since the Hour of Code Update:

  • Objects not appearing.
  • Trails not working.
  • Objects not cloning.
  • Clones spawning in the wrong place.
  • Objects not doing what they are asked.
  • Functions not working.
  • Project not syncing.
  • Objects not working when an action is called on (i.e. when tapped, pressed, bumps into, =, and, or, etc.)
  • When I go to rename a project from the drafts menu, it renames the wrong project.
  • Objects not working after the 120th is added.
  • Objects not coming to the front.
  • Objects not going to the back.
  • Objects swapping code? What’s with that?
  • Code running backwards.
  • Code running in a random order.

I hate to come back after 2 months with nothing but complaints, but this stuff needs to get fixed.


Could you post some screenshots showing these bugs?


Yeah. I could.
Just give me like a half hour, and I’ll share what I have.


Hmm, I haven’t had any of these problems happen to me yet. What device are you using and what version is it?


iPad Air iOS 11.2
Hour of Code Hopscotch Update


Also sometimes the game breaks and the screen goes white. I’m not the only that that has happened to. Ask @RockOwl88506302.


This is both really weird and really odd. I hope that THT fixes it.


That is really weird and unfortunate!
Be more positive, give it some time, talk to THH, and try to undercover the problem!

Good luck!


Also projects don’t load.


can u give an exact version # ex 3.24.0?