I'M BACK! Well sort of/help me with a project!


Hello! I’m Selenophiles, but on Hopscotch I’m Selenophile. (See the dramatic difference?) Anyways, I’m back because I was previously @NeonThoughts. Ever heard of her? No? Ok I won’t cry, Hehe…he😅
ANYWAYS, let me get back to the point. I’m back and I need help on a project.

So the project is gonna be about Selenophiles and Heliophiles.
Yay I use big words! You probably want to know what that means. A Selenophile is a person that loves the moon, a Heliophile is someone that loves the sun, get it? So the project is gonna be like a competition between the Sun and Moon. All you have to do is write down your Hopscotch name and wether you are a Heliophile or a Selenophile, and that’s it!

Hopefully you actually read the whole thing, it’s not much


Cool, welcome back! I remember NeonThoughts. Hm, I think I’m a Heliophile. :sunny:️ I like bright happy stuff, and I’m a morning person


I’m a selenophile
I like the night, and the moon. Because, well, I’m a cat :smiley_cat::smile_cat:


Ok that’s cool! I took so long for me to post this topic because of the pending
(Since I’m an new user)


please no one get annoyed by me! im going to use the FMLT



You can just tag @OMTL now…


ok I’ll do OMTL for a poll im about to make


Okay that’s good :smiley:


hello this is Selenophiles! I’m making a poll for a project i will be making on Hopscotch. Selenophiles vs. Heliophiles. for those who are wondering a Heliophile is someone that loves the sun a selenophile is someone that loves the moon. for more info read the topic. Anyways here’s the poll

  • Selenophile
  • Heliophile

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I think that I haven’t seen you around, welcome back!

And I think that I am the same as @Intellection74, a Heliophile. I also like happy and bright things and I am also a morning person.


ok thats great! im obviously a selenophile because of my name! i guess im a dark person? (Should i change my name to heliophile?)


You can’t change your name on the forum unless any moderator could do it, and it’s your choice if you want to change your name :slight_smile:


ok then i might change it on hopscotch then. :neutral_face:


Hmmm…I try to be positive but I don’t know how it turns out

I don’t like ridiculously cheerful quotes, I’m not an extrovert, I’m not really happy most of the time, but I don’t care if the glass is half full or half empty because I’ll make the glass full anyways


does that mean you are a selenophile Darth Teapot?


well a selenophile doesn’t necessarily mean youre dark it just means you like the moon so the strait up question is do you like the moon or the sun




ok! same as me!!!




btw can you tell how to post something thats not 20 characters i just use exclamation points to make up for it shrug