I'm Back -TitanBoy


The project eplains everything. Sorry for not publishing uch lately. Working on some big projects.

@BB-Box would you like to make something together, since we haven't. Maybe this weekend, comment below and we can make a collab.




Whoop! We've missed you!

Welcome back. And don't rush to make projects, quality is always better than quantity.


Hey, how are u?? I'm so jetlag


I remember you!




Thats good, how is everyone? Good bad meh?


Going to eat diner, see u guys later and i will make good quality projects!


Well the forums have been kinda... complicated recently. I would tell you what's going on, but that's not for me to explain.


Welcome back

If you need any help with your basketball game, @ me and I'll help.
I think you might need it because you don't even know if you spelled trigonometry correctly lol


Welcome back @TitanBoy! Looking forward to playing that basketball game!!


Welcome back :stuck_out_tongue:
Hopscotch missed you!


Off course I want. Any ideas?


Let me make a collab!! O.K. @BB-Box


K welcome back


Welcome back! :slight_smile: