I'm Back! (PerfectPanda24) :D



Hello, fellow Hops! You might have noticed that I've been very inactive on Hopscotch and the forum throughout the past few months. XD

Now I'm back!!! I've missed all of you SO much! :DDDDD


Yet! Finally! After weeks of waiting, you're back! :DD

Nice to see you back. c: Rememeber me?


Hey! I'm new here so I don't know many peeps, yet! But I've seen your projects and they are AMAZING! I am excited to see what you have coming up!!!


Hi, @EnchantedHopscotcher!!!
Yeah, I remember you!
I'm so happy to see you!!! :DDDD


Hello, @Watermeloon!!!
Thank you SO much!!! That means a lot to me!! :DDDDD


@PerfectPanda24 can we be frens? I luv ur projects :purple_heart::purple_heart:


Of course we can be frens!!!! You're awesome!!:smiley:


Welcolm back @PerfectPanda24!


Welcome back @PerfectPanda24! :smiley:


I noticed and missed you.

Where hast thou been frennn??


oh and welcome back heh heh


Welcome back! Can't wait to see some great coding!


Welcome back! I missed you!