I'm back on the forums



I am now back on the forum after months of inactive ness and I have posted things on some topics here and there you might have seen. I did use to be a regular but I lost it. I might try to get it back. I've been working on a game but also some other games and I come up with ideas and than I try to work on a bunch of games at once well not at once exactly but around the same time so I'm focusing on one game than after I finish that game I will work on another project I'm created.

Also school has started and I am a freshmen in high school. I still use Hopscotch though but I'm learning c++ and than Java and more programming things. I changed my username to SizeableWig since that is what I go by now. I'm currently working on a game in Hopscotch and during the summer I was making a game in Unity 3D that I'm going to work on again since I toke a break from it. I'm also learning how to make games on Unity 3D. If you want you can ask questions about high school and that other stuff but anyway I'm going to post a few pics of games I'm working on and after them I'm going to work on other games I was going to make like the dojo which has been something I've wanted to finish for a year now. Also I'm going to be working on a game for Halloween so I might stop working on the game I'm working on to work on my game for Halloween. I am also working on things for the iPhone and some games I make will be for both and some just for iPad and some just for iPhone.



I really miss you a lot!!


Welcome back!!!!! :tada:


Welcome back!
I don't really know you XD


I think I remember you...


K welcome back dude