I'm back! omg! hiyeee!


What's up everyone?! I haven't been here in forever! How is everyone?


Hi! I remember you! You're cool!!!


Aww. Thanks! Can I tell you a secret?


Uhh.. okay!


By the way, sorry for being gone so long. Technical difficulties :slight_smile:
Good news: I got a boy friend!
Bad news: We broke up. But we just need to take a break!


I have a crush on someone on the forum...
Can you guess who???


Uhh... that kind of stuff is out of my league. XD


Heh. Anyway it's @FoodDelivery! Miss you, Foodie!


@ValueGamesStudio thx 4 the :heart:


Your welcome
I have a problem with liking everything I see


Me too!

But I haven't been here in FOREVER


Same dude.
I run out of likes every, like, 5 min.

Welcome back, @HappyPerson!


Welcome back!


YAAAAY!!!! Welcome back frenapai!


Hey welcome back @HappyPerson!


Welcome back to the forum @HappyPerson!


Welcome back! I joined in December (on the forum not HS) so I don't know you but welcome back anyways!


Omg yeyeyeyeyye u r finally back I missed u sooo much
Idk what to say bc I'm rush taking



I knew it
So do u in real life or no just on the forum


I missed u too!

BTW, I got a fish!

What do you mean you knew it?!? cough stalker cough

It's IRL :blush: (What if he sees this?!!!)