I'm back! It was a nice break!


Whew. That was a nice break! After being on the forum EVERY SINGLE DAY was a lot of work! We have a 5 day weekend because a tropical storm hit us, and we have Labor Day, plus the weekend! (Don't worry bout me! The storm did no harm to me, my family, or the house) so that mean we had Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday and Monday off! I'm happy to be back! (Btw, I heard about this app on tv called popjam! It looks like a social media app! Does anybody know what it is?) thanks for being there all the way! http://forum.gethopscotch.com/t/im-leaving-forever/22459?u=zachyswag


Anyone wanna reply?


Was it sad when I left?


I missed you! I wondered where you went fren!!


I "disappeared"! Nah, I just did this:


hai welcome back!


Thanks! Also again, does anyone know what popjam is? I saw it on tv somewhere.


Welcome back! I don't know what popjam is.


There's only one way to find out... Get the app!


I think http://www.popjam.com/ is their website.



Yeah, I just got their app and it's pretty cool! It's like a child proof no picture Twitter/Instagram!


Why is this hidden? xD


What exactly is it?


A social media app where you can make art and use gifs and stuff. 10 minutes on the app and I'm obsessed! xD also I think know why there's so many comecials now!

It was officially released in the US 3 weeks ago


I'm not sure if talking about social media other than Hopscotch is allowed...


Welcome back @Zachyswag! :D

Eek, I've never been in a hurricane before! (I live in Minnesota XD)
That must've been scary :sweat:


Welcolm back!



that was quick XD

I missed you!

for the super quick time XD


I didn't say my username or anything, so I think it's ok!