Im back im sooo sorry!


Basically explains the whole thing ^^^^ I would never leave I'm just not gonna be in much!! I'm so sorry! I have strep throat so I decided to leave. So sorry loves!


Hello I miss you a lot


For now hopscotch is still deleted.


Oh hey @Huggingfluffybear did u try to follow me on musically


Yes I did.

But I can chat any of my in real life friends the private message button does not show up!
I am scared.


Yes it does that its a bug. I denied ur request because onto my friends or people I know can follow me.


Oh okay!

You can follow me though.


Yay you're back (yay!!!) !!!!


But how rude of me.

Welcome back!:slight_smile:


Yay we're back! You were my first follower on hopscotch :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


How do I fix the bug???!!

I really need to message a in real life friend!


Really? Me?


Idk update it idk


Ya :D


Well ur awesome SOOO why wouldn't i


Welcome back;D


U Have D Best Profile Pic!!!
Love It!!!:blush:


Text them


We don't have phones.

And as well, I can't chat anyone.

Not that I would I only chat my in real life friends