I'm back! I hope you missed me a lot!😅😅


Hopscotch isn't that awesome, other coding programs have a lot more blocks of code than in the app. So that's why I had to leave, but I know I was offline for a lot of weeks. So I had to come back for Hopscotch now. Hope you missed @CodingNewbie a lot, so please give me a "Welcome back!" , I appreciate it, so it's a welcome back for me! AND ITS ALMOST THERE TO BE MY 1st ANNIVERSARY!!!!! Yay! So thank you a lot everyone (and thank you for liking my projects, I am now going to have enough likes for the year!!!)!

THANK YOU A LOT EVERYONE!!!!:smile::smile::smile::smile::smile:


Welcome back to this forum!


I have to disagree with that... Is there a nicer way you can say this? We all love hopscotch!

Welcome back!



Welcome back!


I know, but I'm not really good with the blocks, NO OFFENSE NO OFFENSE!