I'm back, hello


It’s been 3 years, looking at my old posts and literally cringing. I’ve grown out of coding, more into art now. How are yall?


Wow, looking at my old posts I was really a drama creator


Anyways, if anyone would like to see where I am now, my deviantart/arts and ocs amino is khyuu <3


Y’all is feeling fine, butterscotch.


Hey! I don’t think I had seen you before, but I’m glad that you are back. See you around the forum!


Hi there! Welcome back


Three years is quite a long time… Welcome back!


Hi,welcome back into hs!


I find it interesting that you say 3 years when its only been 2.


That’s true, it has only been two years.


I have solved another case. Give me cookies


Free cookies for you! :cookie: :cookie:


thank you.

(Chicken in the Pot is playing!!!)


You’re welcome. Here have some extra cookies, :cookie: :cookie:.



And people thought I was joking.


Why do they think you’re joking?


Because why would a Star Wars song be called Chicken In The Pot.


Oh, alright then. Why is it called Chicken In The Pot?


I honestly don’t know. Maybe if it wasn’t sung Ina different language I would know. Like could it just be a song about chicken inside the pot?


Maybe it could be about a chicken inside a pot. Maybe a chicken was hiding in a pot