I'm back guys... we need to talk

Hey guys, I'm back from vacation. It's spring break here and we went on vacation! It was fun.

But I'm back now, and we need to talk...

I'm may leave. The truth is, I've been trying to tell you guys I wanted to leave but I couldn't. I'm just growing out of Hopscotch. I'm going into 8th grade next year, and I'm not gonna have time for it. Now I'm not completely sure about this decision yet, but please, do not try to persuade me to stay. I want to make this decision myself. I will always come back every once and a while, but I'll mostly be gone. If I leave, you need to remember, I will miss you guys with all my heart.

So, uh... reactions?


Oh yeeeeeyyy!
U back
U r back and the forum is back together




Ahh... this is what I afraid of...


Look, I'm still deciding. I'm gonna do wise decision making to decide.


Ok yeah
But I was so happy dat u back but I'm you leave me will be sad and prob other people that like you on the forum (as frens)

:frowning2: Yup, I knew this was gonna happen. Everyone is gonna be sad and you're all gonna persuade me to leave...


May you rest in the meme place

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same. im to old for the fourm, I dont even use hopscotch so. I will miss you, im problay gonna leave the fourm like soon k

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I'm just gonna put this out here one more time as a reminder

:0 @MrHotdog64 is leaving?! Well, thanks so much' I'll miss you.

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Awww, I'll miss you, Zach.

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Awwe... We'll miss you a lot...

If you do leave, will you still come to the WaH Club every once in a while?

Yeah I will. If I come to the forum, I will go there! :wink:

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Yay, that's good ^.^

@TACOCODE is in eighth grade..

Welcome back! I have missed you!
But, what?
Are you thinking of leaving?
Please don´t! You are so awesome, so nice and makes awesome projects!

There are so many people on the forum and on hopscotch that are over the "Recommended Age", your age doesn't determine what games you can play. If you are just losing interest though, you change interests as you age and mature. :blush:

You're such a huge contributer to everything hopscotch related and I know that you will be deeply missed if you do leave... Although, as you said it's COMPLETELY your decision.

I COMPLETELY understand how you couldn't have time, with all the subjects in school and all the homework!!

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I think I made it a little confusing. I don't care about the age limit, heck, I'd still love this app if I was 80. My point was that I'm not gonna have much time for it because a lot of stuff is going on next year.


Your leaving? Fun IRL