I'm back from summer break and feeling awesome!


Hey guys,
Sorry I have been off HS for, wow, quite a while now! But I am still on Hopscotch so don't worry! :smiley: Now I am doing more drawing so I will be posting quite a lot of drawings on this account. Also, check out my new account on HS, which is all to do with riddles and puzzles. And I am feeling lucky so Google better watch out!!! Lol. If u ever need me, I am on quite a lot now so just ask to chat and create a chat page so we can talk. Also, I haven't subbed cause my mum won't let me. If any of u have got a game called Woozworld I am on it so plz plz plz become friends with me!


Your riddle account hasn't been active in a while :/
Are you just going to use your regular account?
Also, communication outside of the forum with other forum users you don't know is banned, sorry! It's because the THT can't moderate what others can say to you outside of here. Even if Woozworld filters certain words, it doesn't hide others that can do the same thing according to THT.
If you repeatedly do this, you can get banned from here, even if you make a new account. D:


Welcome back! And what GysvANDRegulus said ^


Welcome back! :slight_smile: