I'm back from my suspension


Alrighty I'm back from my suspension. First I gotta thank some people

@Tylerdabeast for standing up for me

@EmojiArts (Multiple topics)?@WasIdealessHere @Refugeecat123 for making me feeling welcomed back by making topics

@Sensei_Coder @BellaWafflez17 @Refugeecat123 @PrincessBunny1 @EmojisRUs @Zachyswag for commenting on those posts and welcoming me back

I'm sorry if I didn't see your topic or reply. Please tell me and I'll add you.

So I just got a pm from @Liza and I understand why I was suspended. Do I agree with it? Nope but I don't wanna start a flame war. What's the record for most suspensions? The suspension didn't affect me cause I wouldn't be on anyways cause I have been in Costa Rica for 8 days

I'm sorry to anyone who felt as if their feelings were hurt.

my opinion but don't read this if you get mad easily

So I'm kinda mad for the reason of the suspension
. Apparently I violated the community guidelines by sharing personal info. Never once did I share personal info though
PLease tell me, is sharing the first letter of your last name personal info? (I didn't)
Apparently I was reported to Liza cause I was going to tell them my last name. I hope y'all realize that I don't want stalkers after me. At the most, I was going to share the first letter of my last name but even that was unlikely. Btw @Liza check the pm please. And I never said I was gonna share my last name.
I'm also kinda mad cause y'all claim ur so strict about personal info and communication outside the forum. If so, then how come some people aren't suspended even though they amditted communicating on musically. I'm not one to report someone cause that's annoying but I'm just saying that if you are strict with personal info then you gotta be strict with communication outside the forum. Because they could share personal info there.

Well I gtg. Thanksgiving dinner. Cya



@Ella_13 I got my regular badge!!


Welcome back! Glad your suspension didn't bother you too much. (You know, you were inactive anyway) Also glad it wasn't that long.
Yes, first like!


It gets longer every time XD

Could u do the OMTL please

@EmojiArts awesome!

I gtg eat




Welcome back! (It's CC123)


Ur OTML has been delivered!




Welcome back! :D


Is TylerDaBeast actually your twin brother? I was just wondering. Anyways, welcome back ella!


Welcome back Ella! :D


Thanks for the mention! :D


@Sensei_Coder our replies were literally one second apart from each other XD


Welcome back! :slight_smile:


I literally don't see why musically is causing so much unneeded drama here. why are people here a) getting the app and b) making such a big deal about it in general

oh anyways hi I now just read here and comment occasionally


Remember when u said if "if i could give u my regular badge I could"?


I agree

Wow. Costa Rica?!


Welcome back @Ella_13!




YAY!!! Your back!!!!