I'm back for a brief stay


Hey u might remember me. I wa suspemded cause they thought my sister was communicating through the account. Wanna know the truth? She wasn't and never will

But oh well I'm back for a visit. Finally I can be on the forum without her. No more annoying me. anyone have a good profile pic for me? They banned her IP address XD

I honestly don't know the reason for her suspension but whatevs.m

So hi

Some peeps I've heard of


So your back right when your sister was suspended.:thinking:


Liza is a part of THT.

And hi! I haven't seen you around.

How're you doing?


Yup! Is there a problem with that? If you didn't notice, in the post I was basically saying that the reason I came back was cause she isn't on the forum to bug me

@XiaoMiaoMi hi! Nice to meet you!


And a thing—

Do you live your sister?
(I'm a bit confused about the whole banning business)


Wait is your sister Ella


It's true.
I reported anonymous and lightning strike for asking for Ella's info because I cared about her
And she started fighting back and being rude and saying she would have given away her info so I report do her
She was suspended
We used to be friend s


What do u mean by " do you live your sister?"

I live with her and yeah I like her but it's kinda fun to be my own person. If she were on the forum then I would be Ella's twin and everyone would automatically think I'm bad

@Sweetlina I'm her twin



Because then the IP ban should affect both of you.
But you're clearly accessing the Forum just fine.

Any idea why that is?


The ip ban is until she gets unsuspended
Different iPads


Seems like a great reason to be suspended​:joy:

But in all seriousness, that's not really a good way

I heard her story, granted its only one side of the story and there are three sides to every story (her side, ur side, and the truth). She said that you were up in her grill even though all they did was made a mistake, they mean to ask for the first letter of the last name. And she never said she would give her info, it was just none of ur beeswax.,plus, they go to the same school


The IP is the location, not the device.

Unless you're using a VPN or a completely different location's WiFi, you wouldn't be able to log in.


Different electronics

I'm on my iPad

She's on her phone

My house has like ten different wifis but I'm in the same one as her


Liza said they don't even know if they go to the same school and Ella could have risked getting her info leaked and I care about her so I had no choice but to report ella so I could keep her from leaking it


Uh, I don't know how things go in your house,but I would want my last name leaked and school leaked all over the internet, would you?


Eh. Maybe she was always using her celluar data. That would lead to it.
But constantly using one's data, especially on a site like this, when there's WiFi available, is a bit strange.

I won't pursue the topic any further.


She wasn't going to leak her whole last name. Do u think she's stupid ?


Ella, we all know this is you. Stop being like that toy chica girl on musical.ly andtell the truth.


I see a flame war brewing.


Ok, I'll stop

Thanks for the reminder

What happened to all those Popsicle things people used to post?