I'm back :D -Razor


Most probobly will think who's this guy?!
Well hey I'm Razor! I was most active in March-May this year! :wink:

So I'm like middle old hopscotcher.
I'm used to the old layout and no images..
Wait there's images?!? Woah that's crazy

I can answer some basic questions and bit of sin and cos


The reason I was gone is because I got addicted to Java


Hai! :D


Hai :D!


I remember you! Hai!


You have missed a lot. Including Gary. You must go meet Gary. Learn about Gary.


WOAH! I'm so glad you're back!


I wonder why I still have regular :/?



remember when I roasted you those were the good ol' days :,)


Hai!! :DDD


Yay welcome back even though you might not know me!!!

yus! #spreadcosine



Welcome back @Razor! Great to have you back fren!