I'm back! (BB-Box)


Maybe you've noticed that I haven't publish anything in two weeks, and I haven't post much here at the forum. I haven't really feel about to be on Hopscotch but now I'm back. Now I miss hopscotch a little. I haven't work at anything but I will start to work at my projects again now.





Yay ! Welcome to the forum again !!!


I just thought on a thing that I should try to make on HS.

The thing that I will try to make



Hello! I'm so glad :grin: you're back!!!!!!


I am glad you are back!! I love your projects!!


YaY! Welcome back!!!


Thank you @CodePerfect and everyone else!


Yay!! :smiley: :smiley:




No problem!! Your projects are awesome!!


Thank you again!


Do you want to join my game contest or NFL contest since you are back?


Yay your finally back!!!




Yay! Welcome back =D We missed you ;-;


That isn't the original video.


I know, but dat vid is sweg :sunglasses:




Yay so glad your back! :blush:

I HAVE AN :apple:

I HAVE A :pen_ballpoint:

:apple: :pen_ballpoint:

I HAVE A :pineapple:

I HAVE A PEN :pen_ballpoint:


I HAVE AN :apple::pen_ballpoint:

I HAVE AN :pineapple::pen_ballpoint:



I noticed that, and I'm morethan100%superhappy that you are back.

Welcome back friend!

But, I think you liked my project yesterday?...
Excited for new projects :slight_smile: