I'm back, and sorry to many, mainly Gabe_N


I'm back after that suspension!

Also, @BuildASnowman, MiracleShoutouts isn't just the boy's account and mine, it's also Phase_Admin's, we share!

And sorry to many, including @Ella_13, @Gabe_N, @Jess888, @StarryDream, @Gabe_N, @SimplySouthernGurl, and everyone else for various reasons, including flame wars in June and July.

@CandyCane, I'm about to beat you in likes again, @KVJ, you're out of luckā€¦:smiling_imp:

And thanks for the suspension, it really cooled me down, bye, I have to clear these 79 new topics and look at these 32 notificationsā€¦
Wait, make that 107 new topicsā€¦


Welcome back! :slight_smile:


Welcome back!

BAS had to also suspend MiracleShoutouts because the suspended user was using it. Sorry!


One thing:

Are we still able to get regular?

On @MiracleShoutouts, we were about to get regular.


I'm always out of luck :joy:


Welcome back! Glad to see you again!

Just clarifying, didn't you or the boy say in Talk to the Hopscotcher that you were officially using two separate accounts? The boy on shoutouts, and you here?


Welcome back! What happened? I was at sleep away camp when this happened


Welcome back!

I think you need to wait another 50 days...Idk tho


Thanks for apologizing, it was the right thing to do.


Welcome back!
And apology accepted!
Just think a bit more when you post to see if that post will hurt others' feeling or not.:wink:




I didn't even notice this and I was tagged :neutral_face:
Apology accepted