I'm Back! (Again)



Okay I left for a little while...... well more like for a long while. 1 word to describe why I was gone "SCHOOL" I've been drowning in homework lately. TGIF right? Other than that I plan on posting maybe letter on today or tomorrow don't quote me one that though. Any major updates I should know about (I left in September)? Until then buenos dias (Spanish for Good Night)!


Hi first reply and like!


Thanks! Also (just curious) is your username based off the song from Steven Universe, if it is that's one of my favorite songs!


Yes! It's one of my favorite songs, but I feel you have more q&a go to MY GENERAL TOPIC (take 2)


Okay than switching over to that topic


OMG, I totally feel you! It's been like a storm that won't stop!


I got a okay grade on a quiz and I need to do extra credit work ughhhhhhhh.... Also I LOVE your bio when people ask me what my favorite number if I start quoting pi


Haha, thanks! :joy:


Okay random question, do you draw like art?



Sometimes, not always but I enjoy it!


This is so bad :joy::joy:


I think it looks nice, believe me though my drawing process is full of fails


Cool welcome back!!!


Your so sneaky


Are you trying to find my original account?


O I thought u were @ColourfulBlack I'm laik "wut"

But welcome back


I'm definetly not @ColourfulBlack she's like amazing, she was one of my original inspirations to start drawing, also thanks!


Ur welcome


I just searched up stars


So did I I was looking for star clusters found an amaze profile pic instead lol