I'm BACCCCKKK! (After much confusion)


What's up! Ok so I've made many topics about me being back and leaving and all kinds of stuff but I'm finally back and here to stay FOR GOOD!!!! Let me know if anything new has happened? Love and missed you guys!

Btw can someone put the recent freindly mass tag list in here? (I have the old one but it's probably changed)

@Liza Btw congrats on the new update and plus I saw you in an App Store Add for kids coding! :blush:


Welcome back! :3


Hello! :D

Long story short, you have to use @PopTart0219's tag list now. :D

Also, there were a few new leaders promoted! :D


Welcome back! :D

@SmilingSnowflakes, @Intellection74, @Gilbert189 and @Mathgirl were promoted to leader! :D

And @PopTart0219 was promoted to mod! :D


Yay! :D

Welcome back! :D

Anyway, as Gilbert and Pingu said, there were a few new leaders promoted! :D

Also, @PopTart0219 was promoted to moderator. :D



Welcome back! :slight_smile: Nice to hear that you are here to stay!


Welp, you have a weird way of staying "for good" buddy XD