I'M A MEMBER! Help with special features?




I am freaking out right now.

But anyways can anyone explain the special features you get when you become a member? Thanks


You can edit wiki posts, you can invite people to a topic. I think that's it...


Congrats! You next trust level to get is Regular (or Reg xD) which is what I have!

I believe you can invite users!
And edit wiki posts!


You can now edit posts when they are on global edit! Try!

@codingkit: You mean like this?
SC: Yup! Like this! c:

@codingkit: Okay!

@Explorer_: Potato!

@codingkit: Ummmmmm Banana!

@Komplettverr├╝cktjunge: was here

HopscotchIRC: KVJ left

@codingkit: Hello er good bye Komplettverr├╝cktjunge (okay I'm sticking to KVJ now that's a mouthful)

@Da Apple: This post is turning into a pool of random potatoes. Nice work guys!

@TheRealBlah was not here - somebody

@Da Apple: Ummm yeah this is random, off topic and weird -codingkit
@K1ish: !help
HopscotchIRC: Fam why did you summon me


Congrats! You are already member! Now you are on your way to regular!


Hai! :D

At member, you can edit global edit posts!
You can also invite people to topics!

Your next trust level is Regular! I have this!
Read, post, and visit more to get Regular!


With the member badge you can:
- Invite people to a topic!
- Edit posts that are on global edit!


Thanks a lot everyone! This is really helpful!


You can edit in Global Edit, you can invite people, you get more likes
That's about it ._.


Wow I just got a like and this is about 1month old.


Just got member, been doing hopscotch for over a year, but just started on forums