I'm a bit.. Mad./Rant


So.. Hi.
Recently, a project by BobbyTechno was on featured. His project was called "Two Player Tapper" or something.
Not too long ago, I made a game for the weekly challenge called "Kick the ball". My game was, if not more advanced, the same thing as "Two Player Tapper". OK, I'm referring Bobby Techno as a male.

If you are mad easily, Do NOT Read.

And now for the rant.

I'm not saying his game wasn't feature worthy, I'm saying that if HIS game was featured, many othersmine lol should have been too.Please don't think of me as some selfish brat that wants popularity. I just feel like everyone's against me. I work sooo hard coding everyday, and don't really get recognized for it.
When I say I don't care I don't have any features or trendings, I don't mean it.

Thank you for reading, and have a nice day.
pls don't flag

Here is my project (updated now)

Here's his:


Okay, i get ya.
No worries.


First reply


Thank you. :slight_smile:




I haven't actually been on hopscotch recently, so idk what the projects are like, but that seems frustrating! Sorry!


Its alright. I can't draw, and trending is all art, no code. That's kinda sad.


Yah. I have to admit, I'm an artist on HS, not that I'm good at it XD. But It is a bit sad that more coding projects aren't featured. Not that the art isn't good, but HS is a coding app


Well, code is still on featured. But trending.. Well..


Yah. I was just on it, and it was almost all art :confused:


Yep, so my chances of getting on trending are slimmer than getting featured ;-;


Yeah. Remember when in March, I got so frustrated over it, that I thought I might leave? And I actually almost did? That's the same frustration you have. I think. And yeah, it's very frustrating, escpecially when it was practically YOUR project.

And yeah, I've never had ANY trendings or features either.. A lot of people are surprised when I say that I feel you, fren


Well, they should be :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks... I got 2 nominations. Didn't make it. I wasn't surprised.. just..


Don't worry, life's not fair.


Who? I've never been featured, nor has @Kitty4U. Neither of us has been on trending either.


Ok. I take that back.


Yah, I was too. I thought the world was against me.. But remember:

OK, Talk later. I have to go.


Huh. JaidenAnimations said something like that as well..


You watch her? Me too! And Jaiden did say something similar, yes.