I'm a bit confused, please help me


Hey, JumpyJose here! I have a question, please don't think I'm ■■■■ for asking it... Okay here it goes... What's a beta tester? I only heard of it on hopscotch, I know it means someone who tests things, bu this there more to it?


They test the newest update of hopscotch. The hopscotch team wants to test it out and find any more bugs that they haven't seen, so if you email or private message them, they can give you the link and you can become a beta tester!


Whys is there a square square square square


I think that's just to cover any words that Hopscotch doesn't allow us to use on the forum.


Sorry, didn't know I couldn't use that word. But, I guess it makes sense. I should have said not intelligent. Don't worry! It wasn't a super bad word. Please don't think bad of me now.


What, was it ■■■■? Oh wait, yeah... But basically, beta testers test the newest update before it's released- I just became one!
To be one, send an email to help@gethopscotch.com!