ILoveSmudgy is back :D


ILoveSmudgy IS BACK :0010101

Pls come here @ILoveSmudgey :D WELCOME BACK :DD




Did she publish a project? Can you put a link? Sorry, I cant access Hopscotch.


Here :D


Thank you! :D


Yes I was so happy when I read her message to me :DD

I'm sure she said she won't be staying long though D:


Why did she leave? :s


I don't know, she never said D:

She said she wants to learn harder coding languages soon :0


No way!!!!

Oh my gosh!

Back... Hopscotch... ILoveSmudgy... *faints*


waltzes into topic
sees everyone fainting and being like "OMGWAT"
Who's ILoveSmudgy?
crawls back into smol hole


I'll bookmark dis
I keep clicking the flag button thinking it's the bookmark button XD


One of the nicest hops evr :s


Yey! Welcome back @ILoveSmudgey!