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Yes I’m going to rant now

Controversial take but I don’t think a forum for minors having rules put in place to protect those minors from harassment, kidnapping, or other risks of outside communication is in any way akin to oppression or anything of the sort. Users may know that they won’t reveal their address to a stranger over face chat, or tell each other where they attend school via a google document, but the moderators Do not know this, and it is not their job to try and dictate what exceptions should be put in place for what users. If rules are bypassed constantly by people who deem themselves above them, they’re not rules. It’s ultimately pointless for the mods to decide which specific users should have the right to communicate outside the forum, because that would end up being a different issue that sparks an unhealthy hierarchy. The point is, yes, it sucks we’re confined to the forum. Yes, some of us may think we can survive without the moderation. But it is not our website and it is not our place to try and decide whether the actual adults with real world experience are protecting us the right way. If you want to be on the hopscotch forum you have to be prepared to follow the rules. It is not oppressive to not be able to do whatever you want. I can’t really conclude this bc I haven’t been sitting on the end of this rant for weeks, just what I’ve already written


It’s like when you’re five years old and your parents have to tell you not to throw rocks at your sibling and you think it’s the most unfair thing in the world. you know you’re not going to hit your sibling, your sibling might know that, but your parents don’t, and they don’t want to run the risk, and they’ve already said not to throw things in the yard anyway. Is it unreasonable for the parents in this situation to try and set boundaries to protect the children? Is it unfair of them to enforce it? Is it possible for the children to engage in a different game that doesn’t put them in as much danger?


You might even think it’s unfair to restrict throwing rocks because they’re just pebbles and they wouldn’t hurt anyway. But Since We Are Young We Cannot Conceptualize The Consequences As Well, And Even If We Could We Have No Right To Be Upset About Getting In Trouble For Intentionally Breaking Rules We Know Are In Place For A. Reason, Even If We Don’t Understand That Reason,


M so tired sorry about yelling I’ve been holding in a lot of pent up annoyance about recentish going ons and this is all I dare post atm goodbye I’m going to go write happier things on my computer and forget about this


hello I Appreciate this and so I think do the leaders collectively

it’s good to see that you understand where we’re coming from when we seem like “big bad leaders”!! =maturity, and it’s hopeful that maybe we can help the rest of the forum to understand this as well.


Imagine if ur a decepticon in idw and ur like god I hate destron from squadron 2 bc he tripped me on my way to the energon refinery once two million years ago so u hack into the djd database and put him on The List for crimes against the decepticon cause


I understand the importance of leaders to prevent us baybees from yknow not revealing personal info. However i hope something like the drawing topic catastrophie doesnt happen again


Hey why is the cave spider on the leash why is she a ‘yandere’

This entire image inflicts a confusing emotional response in me but the spider jockey is cute.


Donkey kong country (1994)


The yandere/tsundere crap activates my fight or flight


Why did it take all day for my trusty readcomic online dot io site to come through for me with the new idw2 issue 1 ahh well


I’m sure I have thoughts about this but I don’t know what they are yet. It looks nice?? Not astoundingly amazing but not awful yet. We will see.


The ghostbusters Cannot, Willnot be able to stop KREMZEEK . It is also beyond my suspension of disbelief that they would be controlled by starscream , (as they seem to be) or anyone for that matter.


I can’t communicate how I don’t care about the transformers ghostbusters crossover like I just am incapable of excitement right now and I do not even know Who a ‘Ghost Buster’ is so this is meaningless to me


You know… ghost buster… glow gun… dress like janitors… bust the ghost…


The who you gonna call people


Ah yes I did the Macarena to their song in 5th grade choir I understand now!! Something strange in the neighborhood haha


Reading regeneration 1


Mr Simon Furman has become self aware


Apparently there’s this anti vax kid who sits near me in flex who’s a SoundCloud rapper and ‘sells beats’ for a hundred and thirty dollars