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A wwII memorial was graffitied with ‘sub to pwdepe’ and idc what your opinion is st this point if you support this person you’re supporting a fanbase who does stuff like this and thats despicable.


Ew ew ew ew ew


If that troll face unfunny meme dude tries to start a discussion out of this im gonna go feral


i like to think the red dragon is neutral rather than malevolent. She doesnt mind people but theres a limit


She just wants to chill in her cave


dont bother her in her cave she just wants to hoard redstone


I agree that relatable corperations are bad but if i see that garfield ‘you are not immune to propaganda’ image im going to shoot the messenger as well as the message


I know I Unironically identified as an Anti-SJW when i was younger and i’m sorry.


I mean, we’ve all done things we aren’t proud of, we’re all still growing as people it’s inevitable.


yeah though when i was transitioning from miiverse into the forum i said some weird stuff and please dont look though they’re so bad. So so so bad.

Ik humans are not perfect and never will be but still. Wow.


When I was like eleven I was one of those “nothing against the gays but “ and “it’s almost like you’re opressed for being white :thinking::thinking:” people I want to slap myself into a black hole when I think about it lol
But hey, we get better


Yeah we all improve as we get older. Its only worrying if someone doesnt change for the better.

minecraft dolphin girl is close friends with the fishes but doesnt like the guardians. The lazers scare her :(


Why does beast machines rattrap look like chuck e cheese


Freddy fast bear


image image
Some days it just be like that.


The only 2 moods i feel at any time


Hey why didnt u make overbite look like she does in my picture




I’m trying to watch combiner wars again but jfsgshdjks its so bad


Why are we only allowed ~3 good transformers shows