Ilovechickens gt



when im not thinking about donkee kong cyberpunk au


When you go to the nether for the first time


I’m everything brawn said




Imagine if donkey kong went in the same story direction as sonic did in the like 2000s

Just imagine a donkey kong story with genetic manipulation and guns


i personally envisioned it as this random dude in the middle of nowhere (with his bf) who finds a sassy lost child with a monkey tail and tries to bring him back so he isnt annoyed by him anymore

they get close and turns out he’s…monky.


You and your funky monkey dramas. What if donkey Kong genes are merged with that spotty plant in the pot and also friendly peanut chef,to create an ultimate being


you have better ideas than me.


Thats my idea for a dramatic edgy donkey kong game. Diddy kong has a Gun


Does daddy Kong not already have a gun? :thinking:



Diddy Kong accidentally autocorrected to daddy Kong and that’s funnier than the entire post I think




heres peanut chef have fun with his paper and make it say stuff


WHAT kong


5000th post m8’s


One more for security measures


I’m waiting for the thirteenth come on hasbro :clock1:


ellen: so i heard you’re a fan of donkey kong?

Me: yeah.

(The dk rap slowly gets louder)

Me: oh my god ellen you didnt


Some kpop stan person: (voltron ace discourse) and thats the tea sweaty :)))

Me: (has lost all millenia of evolution and has regressed into a rabid monky)


Whenever I hear the words voltron and discourse in the same sentence I temporarily black out