Ilovechickens gt



That gorilla has me rolling :joy::joy:


I am…I’m actually giving the training to the new Leaders. I saw your (or your sis?) pic the other day about Jazz…made me laugh!


Oh cool I didn’t know we were getting more that’ll be neat :3c

:)) that was ilcs picture yeah


Official announcement soon… I’ll be around to support the new Leads and peek in from time to time. But I had to sneak in here. Hope you don’t mind…I’m a TFP person, myself. Hubby was a G1 guy and introduced me but TFP caught me! A few of my kids have read MTMTE, RID (IDW) and some of Lost Light.


Tfp is definitely one of the better shows :sparkles:
I’m big on the idw comics myself, your kids have good taste lol

I’ll pretend I never heard :upside_down_face:


making things hot for the big nasties is my favorite pass-time


Optimus’s head spikes and shoulder pipes are too tall.

Also, his entire body is just completely disproportional.


Thanks dad for owning so many vintage comics I get to read a physical copy of the 1985 transformers comic also my hands are shaking


I am here






Ah, transformers: combiner wars. Truly ahead of its time.


Some liquid nitrogen oughta cool em down



Hasbro please don’t mess up please don’t mess up ur new series looks promising look good representation please don’t mess it up


I’m shaking why is the thirteenth so far away


Anna Malkova. She… she gets me.


This is what i see in my head


I like how you didn’t specify when you see it or under what circumstances. Just, like, constantly seeing this


Im the bolded IRONHADES